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Will Gardner | London Organisational Purpose Consultant | London Sustainability Consultant

Purpose-Driven Organisations

Helping organisations become deeply purpose- and values-driven

What is a purpose-driven organisation?

In a stressed and uncertain world, purpose-driven organisations are better able to navigate disruption, differentiate their approach, mobilise employees and get fit for a sustainable future.

Purpose as a Compass

Embedding Organisational Purpose as

the ‘North Star’; guiding

decisions and catalyzing

positive change.

Towards Sustainability

Acting in the best interests of multiple stakeholders, 

reducing negative impacts &

maximizing positive influence.

Partners in Purpose

A highly participative organisation where employees feel unified and mobilised in pursuit of purpose.


What are the benefits of becoming a purpose-driven company? 

Unilever puts it this way: ‘Brands with Purpose Grow; People with Purpose Thrive; Companies with Purpose Last’. 

There is an ever-growing body of evidence that purpose-driven companies benefit from strengthened relationships with all of their key stakeholders.


Employees who love the meaning it brings to their work; customers who love buying from a business that’s working for a better world; communities that appreciate the company’s care for their long-term health and wellbeing. 


The positive goodwill generated adds up to better returns for investors. It’s an ecosystem that thrives over the long term.  

But these benefits only accrue to companies/organisations that fully live their purpose and values every day, in everything they do.


Just communicating a purpose statement won’t cut it. 

Will Gardner | London Organisational Purpose Consultant | London Sustainability Consultant


How I help

✔ Executive Team inspiration and alignment
Inspiring the exec team around purpose-driven business; aligning on ambition and goals.

✔ Co-creating your organisation’s Compass
Your company’s Purpose (WHY), Vision (WHERE TO), Values and Model (HOW) 

✔ Compass into action and impact
Actioning the Compass through strategies, plans, bold experiments, measuring impact and learning

✔ Enrolling employees in living the Compass
Enrolling employees as partners in the change – ensuring the cultural conditions for them to assume ownership and take action 

Will helped us articulate our Purpose and Vision, and ran employee work sessions to co-create a strong set of Values.
He's helped us turn these into an action plan to help us achieve industry-leading employee engagement and client service.
He has inspired us and delivered great results at every step. 100% the right person for the job.


How purpose-fuelled is your organisation?

How clear are you on the goals for your Purpose journey? What’s the from/to?
Is your Purpose inspiring and mobilizing your people? 
Does your Purpose connect what you do best to what the world needs? 
Is your Purpose driving your strategy and inspiring innovation that customers value?
Are your leaders leading for your Purpose (and Values)? 
Is your Purpose driving meaningful, measurable change?  

If you’d like to get a fresh perspective on your organisation’s current challenges, 

do get in touch for an exploratory conversation.

London Organisational Purpose Consultant | London Sustainability Consultant
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