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Climate & Sustainability Consultant | Will Gardner London


Climate & Sustainability

EnrollIing employees in climate action & sustainability

Why engage employees in sustainability?

The only viable future economy is a sustainable economy, so companies across sectors are working to minimise their negative impacts, maximise their positive influence and align to Net Zero. These huge changes require an ‘all hands on deck’ approach. And your people WANT to play a role.  

Increased employee engagement
Recruit and retain the best
Enhance corporate reputation

How ready are your employees to take action on Sustainability?


Are your employees sufficiently knowledgeable about sustainability issues and the climate emergency?


Do they feel emotionally connected to sustainability issues, in a way that inspires positive action?


Do they know how they can play a role, through their job roles and within the organisation at large? 

How I help

I’ve been working on sustainability since 2010, when I headed up Unilever’s global Marketing Academy and was challenged with inspiring and equipping Unilever’s global community of 6,000 marketers to put sustainability at the heart of the company’s brands. It’s been central to my work ever since. 

Climate Fresk Workshop | Climate & Sustainability Consultant | Will Gardner Certified Climate Fresk Facilitator
Climate Fresk Workshop Facilitator | London based Sustainability Consultant


‘Climate Fresk’ Workshops

Play your part in the climate transition.


The highly collaborative and engaging Climate Fresk workshop helps employees learn the fundamental science behind the climate crisis (and related sustainability issues) and start moving to action. 


I’m a certified Climate Fresk facilitator.

3 hours, in person or online.


Connecting Sustainability to Organisational Purpose

I help clients integrate their commercial and sustainability strategies.

Companies tend to start with a sustainability plan that sits in a silo, separate from their commercial growth model and plans.


With Purpose as the organising ‘North Star’, I help clients bring together their commercial and sustainability strategies, and build a business case for being a company that brings about positive change. 

Connecting Sustainability to Organisational Purpose
Enrol Employees in Sustainability | Climate & Sustainability Consultant | Will Gardner London


Enrolling Employees as Sustainability Change Makers

I help engage employees in sustainability and inspire and enable them to take action.


I work with clients on all the key ingredients of change, including narrative, education, leadership role modelling, how sustainability impacts job roles; and critical cultural enablers such as ownership and trust.

Climate & Sustainability Consultant | Will Gardner London

‘There’s no single answer that will solve all of our future problems.
There’s no magic bullet.
Instead there are thousands of answers – at least. You can be one of them if you choose to be.”


Are your employees engaged In sustainability - head, heart and hands?

If your answer is ‘not yet!’, 

get in touch for an exploratory conversation.

Will has been a critical catalyst for change in Bighams, and I have no hesitation in recommending him for businesses and organisations who want to become deeply purpose-driven and step change their approach to sustainability. 


Climate & Sustainability Consultant UK
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