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Will Gardner | London Organisational Purpose Consultant

Purpose-fuelled Organisations & Teams

Helping leaders achieve positive change in their organisations and in the world, by unlocking the full potential of their people.

*Strategy * Team Coaching * Change Leadership * 

How to survive today’s turbulence, and thrive over the longer term?  

In the aftermath of Covid it feels like challenges are coming at us from all angles. 


Cost inflation, supply chain disruption, staff recruitment and retention challenges; digitisation and AI; finding new sources of growth whilst fully embracing sustainability. 

How to navigate short-term challenges whilst getting ready for a very different future?


How to make sense of all the competing demands, and get on the front foot as an exec team and as a whole organisation? 

One thing’s for certain: you’ve got to get good at CHANGE. 

Surrey Organisational Purpose Coach
London Organisational Purpose Consultant | London Sustainability Consultant


Hi, I’m Will. I help teams change their world and the world for the better. 

I’m a strategy consultant, team coach and change leader. I’ve worked in top multinationals like Unilever and Mars, in start-ups and non-profits. 

I believe passionately that (almost) everyone, deep down, wants to make a positive difference through their work and has boundless potential to do so. However, in many organisations this potential is not fully realised. 

I have found time and again that the conditions can be created for people to bring the best of themselves to a powerful shared purpose; and through living this purpose, a team or whole organisation can both impact the world positively AND achieve better financial results at the same time.   


How I can help

Defining & Activating Purpose

Helping you build a deeply purpose- and values-driven organisation.

Leadership Team Coaching

Coaching your team for strengthened relationships, performance and impact.

Climate & Sustainability

Engaging your employees in sustainability. Inspiring and enabling them to take action.

Will's Clients

Will has been a critical catalyst for change in Charlie Bighams, and I have no hesitation in recommending him for businesses and organisations who want to become deeply purpose-driven and step change their approach to sustainability. 


People want to do business with a business that makes a difference.

What could your organisation achieve if your people felt a deep sense of shared purpose and knew how to bring it to life every day? 

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